Chapter 9 notes

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17 Jun 2011
Chapter 9- The Interface Between Physical and Mental Health
-Examine whether personality and affective characteristics such as hostility, anxiety
and depression constitute risk factors for mortality and morbidity
-Alcohol increases the risk of physical, psychological, and cognitive problems in late
life, but may confer some protective effects
Personality Processes and Disease
-Hippocrates developed system of medicine based on the belief that substances called
humors are influenced both personality and health.
oThe 4 humors were blood, melancholy (black bile), choler (yellow bile), and
oPeople with excess of bile- prone to depression & degenerative disease
oPeople with too much choler- angry and bitter
oBlood- led to ruddy, sanguine personality
oPhlegm- thought to cause apathy
-18th century Rene Descartes posed that mind and body were separate entities
connected only through the pineal gland
-Sigmund Freud introduced western scientific theory of mind- many theories were
made, which stated that psychological phenomena would be traced back to
neurophysiological events. Found relationship btw different types of psychological
distress and illnesses and developed theories of psychosomatic illnesses
oStated heart disease was related to repressed hostility and asthma linked to
over-protective mothering.
oThese theories were eventually disfavoured b/c either had no control or
compared ppl who already had a illness
-The mind and the body are connected in a bidirectional or even transactional
manner. Bidirectional- reciprocal relationship between physical and psychological
-Transactional- continuous process of change among multiple variables.
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