Health and Aging reading notes chapter 11

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31 Oct 2010

Document Summary

Social support important for mental and physical health. Antonucci said 3 functions: aid (instrumental help), affect (emotional support), and affirmation (acknowledgement of one"s values or agreement with one"s attitudes) Emotional support refers to the quality of a person"s relationships with others. Thoits argued that the major function of social support is to provide information and advice in times of stress. Provides instrumental and emotional support, companionship, acceptance, love, understanding, and respect. Informal support members are generally the primary caregivers to the older adult who needs assistance. Children in law are also active care givers. People with no children use siblings or niece or nephews for support. Thomson and krause found older adults who live alone and in deteriorate neighbourhoods were are double jeopardy; these people had very low expectations of receiving support if it was needed. Neighbours and friends important in providing socialization and tension reduction. Friends are important because they are in the same cohort.