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Chapter 17

HLTB03 - Chapter 17

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

CHAPTER 17 Well Being At MidLife Determinants of Preventive Health IntroductionPreventative health powerful potential to reduce health care costs anddelay or prevent the onset of established chronic disease Midlife seen as transition opportunity and challenge o Heightened reevaluation and reorientation which involve turning points aimed at making the most of the second half of livesThere is no single biological marker which indicated middle ageinstead the definitions vary in the literature in this book 4560 years old o Usually indicated by the beginning of the bodily decline drop in hormonal levels failing of physiological functions mental acuity wanes and inevitable deterioration of healthDemographic perspective midlife general age for having kids and parents of midlife people are aging and times of career transitionsMorbidity at midlife ages connected with many high profile diseasesheart disease diabetes obesity stroke and the beginnings of osteoporosis and arthritis and other forms of cancer breast ovarian prostateDisease based biomedical model used to identify diseases discovering underlying etiology and then treating and hopefully curing the diseaseSocial Determinants of Health12 factors listed as determinants of health Public Health Agency o Gender o Culture o Income and social status o Health child development o Biology and genetic endowment o Physical environment o Employment and work conditions o Personal health practices and coping skills o Education o Health services o Social support networks o Social environmentsContinues to be a need for better understanding of steps taken to seek and attain health and wellbeingMidlife considered the time when range of determinants of health whose effect accumulate to affect ones well being
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