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Chapter 19

HLTB03 - Chapter 19

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Health Illness and Health Care in CanadaChapter 19 Environmental Health and SocietyINTRODUCTIONEnvironmental sociology highlights the important relationships between state industry and society in the origin and management of environmental health risksManagement of environmental health risks is a political process and how those who advocate for a clean safe and healthy environment often employ the notion of the precautionary principle buy actively pursuing and lobbying for alternative to establish environmental health regulations through social movement activities PUBLIC CONCERN ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH1962 publication of Silent SpringRachel Carson describes the impact of the synthetically produced chemical DDT used in WWII for pest control became widespread in environment and food chain book inspired numerous political and social reactions to protect the environment from chemical contamination First photo of Earthbrought to focus the finite and fragile qualities of the physicalmaterial basis that supports our lives made us realize the need to preserve our life support system carrying capacity through environmental protectionism need to protect the planet for human health and wellbeing to be maintained 1972 Limits to Growth reportpresented future scenarios based on the results of inputting a large number of variables into a computer model extrapolating to the year 2100 report concluded that industrial growth at its present rate would lead to societal collapse based on major food shortages the depletion of natural resources and an excessive amount of pollution and contamination report increased public awareness of environmental issuesOur Common Future reportintroduced the influential notion of sustainable development as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs possible solutions to bridge together concerns about environmental protection and
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