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Chapter 2

HLTB03 Chapter 2

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

[email protected]Ŵ @- @ ,ť@--D [email protected]@- O f°f f°f fnn¾¾¯ nf¾ n¾f° nŴ€Ŵ½nn¾¾ O D°¾fţfnn¾¾ţn¯½!°¾f° ½"f¯ nff° ¾½fnf°¾f°nţ ½#n$f%¯°¾"%°f°°Ŵ½€f¾¾nf ,%nf O , nf¾¾°½ f° °€¾f°f f°¾f¾nf°–f° n¯½f¾¾°f° n¯½f¾°¯nf°¾ O ¾n°¾f° f 4 ¾¯f¾¾f° ¾¾¾f°ff!½f f¾ 4 ¾f°¾€¯f¾¾½n¾n¾"!ţ½¾Ŵ¾n° f nf°# O ?½¾€n¾f°¾€ť %Ŧ ,f&"'f"° nf°¾€°–n¾¾€¯½n¾n½ f¾n ?Ŧ (°f%°– ° nn¾f°¾€¾f–ţ° ¾f °–€f¯ţ€° ¾ţf° n¯¯°–f°'f°¾½ °–°n¯½°¾f nf° f¾° ° O ¾n°n°¾f¯ nff¾nf½fn¾f¾€!¾°–f° ¯–°–fnf° ¾€f°f f°¾°f¯f° €€n €f¾° O f°–°–½f°€°¾¾¾f f–°–½½f°ţnf°–°–€¾¾ţn¯f nf°–f° nf°–°–½¾€½f°¾€°¾¾f¾¾nf ¾nf°–¾ O @¯f°¾¾¾fn€f°¾½f°nf° fnn°f€fnf½n ¯f¾ţ¾¾¯¯f°f–¾f° ¾ n½ ¾ ,ť-)[email protected]@-) O ¾n½€ nf ¾€? n°ţ¾½ff° ¯ nfnf°¾f°nf¾° f° €€°f°ff° ½ °nf½nff–° f¾ O %*+¾ţ¯fnf¾° °¾°f¾¾¯€½n°¾f°n 4 ) ¾n¯°–fn€¯JJf° f°–f€f°f f°¾ O %*+-€ f– °¯°½€f½f°€¾€f° ½ °nf– °¯°¾¾f n¾¾€f° ¾f¯ nfnff° ¾½f¾ n¾¯ °–€°f°nff¾ O mf–¯°€ n¾"f° f °ff–¯°#f° ½ f °¾f°n° ¾ O J¾°f°f f°€f¯–f°'f°¾f° €°–½nf½f¾¾°– ¾½½¾€¾f°¾f°n O %*+-f–¾f°f¾½½¾ f¾°°fn nf¾€ ff° ½ °nf – °¯°¾n °f–°f!f°¾¾¾ O )f¾fnf°° n €¾½ °nŴ ½n€°f°n f° f ¯°¾ ¾½f'f°°¾f°n½–f¯"%*+.# 4 @°½° €¾¯ nf½–f¯ O f– °¯°° n /¾½f°¾n°–f°¾½–f¯°%*+0 4 9 ½ °n¾¯° fnnf¾½f¾ 4 %*-0Ŵ/¾½f'f°°¾f°nf° f–°¾n) n¾n å ff° ½ °nf– °¯°¾f n¾¾€f°f°f¾¾¯ €¾½f'f°°¾f°n 4 %*..Ŵ, nff) n¾n å °f € f– °¯°f° ½ °nf– °¯°¾¾f n¾¾€f¯ nf°n¾¾f½¾nf°¾ n¾ 4 %*11Ŵf½ °n¾f ¾–° °f° ¯ nff¾ff O -f¾°–f°f f°fnf°¾f°n¾¾¯ 4 %2½ °nff° f¯ nfnff° ¾½f'f°°¾f°n¾¾¯¾ 4 ½°n½¾€f°f f/fn%*0+ O @¯f°n°f n°€¯ nf¾f n¾¾f°–€¯f 4 %*..ff°–¯°ţ€ f– °¯°n°°¾ n f° ¯° ţ½ °nf!½° ¾°¾½ff° ¯ nfnf¾ n¾ 4 )€ f– °¯°f °n° ¾fnf!½° ¾ 4 9 °nf– °¯°¾f¾°f½½nf¾ ¾nf– °° f° f° !½¯°f°f°f €¯¾€°°Ŵ½¾nf°f° °°Ŵ¾½f n¯¯°Ŵf¾ fnfnf¾n¯¯°Ŵf¾ €¾€fnf f° f¯°°–€€ f€° ¾ 4 f¾ ¾nf– ½ °nf– °¯°¾€¯f¯½°–¯½ €€n°n€¾½ff° ¯ nfnf¾ n¾nf¾ nf¾ € f€° °– nf¾¾ O %*11 fŴ9 °nff°–¯°¾f° ¾f¾ 9–f¯¾°f°n°–n"9# 4 ¾¾¾f°f ¾°
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