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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Textbook Notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB03 Midterm Notes: Health, Illness, and Health Care in Canada Chapter 4: Health Status in Canada Introduction The forces that shape health and illness are known as determinants of health. The state of knowledge surrounding determinants of health is continually evolving as researchers increasingly engage with various understandings of what forces shape health and illness. Health status refers to determinants of health such as: health conditions, human function, and deaths. Traditionally, the overall health of a population has been measured through key indicators of health status. These include: life expectancy, mortality rates, and causes of death. The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) distinguishes between health status and non-medical determinants of health. The latter (non-medical determinants) can also be described as social determinants of health and include: health behaviours, living and working conditions, personal resources, and environmental factors. More commonly, specific social determinants of health include: income, employment, education, child care, and housing. Each of the social determinants of health influences health status in Canada. Selected Indicators of Health Status Life Expectancy The overall health of a population may be determined through several indicators. One important factor is life expectancy which has increased in Canada over the last century (life expectancy now reaching over 70 years for both males and females). Females living, on average, approximately five to six years longer than males from 1991-2001. However, the gap is narrowing as the difference in average life expectancy between males and females has declined steadily from 6.3-5.1 years between the years 1991 and 2001. Life expectancy is highest for males in Ontario, Manitoba, Sas
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