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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - notes for final exam

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

HLTB03 Final Exam NotesChapter 20 Dont Work Too HardIntroductionoMore people are injured and killed at work annually than on roads and highwaysoAccording to Canadian government reports 3 workers killed on the job every daySomeone is injured every nine secondsCanadian workplaces are first in workplace deaths amongst all advanced industrialpost industrial economiesCost directly related to occupational injury totalled 465 billion 93B if indirect costs includedThe Destruction of labour powerthoIn 19 century English society women and children began to be employedthey worked just as hard and long as men but received less wagesWorkers formed craft unions to protect the integrity of their jobs and as vehicles of cultural and political powero1915 Ontario Workmens Compensation ActWorkers were now assured of some financial compensation if they were injured on the jobHowever the sums they received were far less than what was actually needed to provide for them and their familiesThe payments did not match the extent of disability nor last as longOnly covered those who worked dangerous jobsonly male workers women were not covered because their jobs were not considered dangerousCould no longer sue their employersThe Times a ChanginoFollowing the tragic developments at Elliot Lake Ontario thousands of workers were unknowingly poisoned by asbestos provinces began passing modern occupational health and safety actsoIn 1972 Saskatchewan passed the first act Ontario followed later in the decadeoNew laws brought about three basic worker rightsRight to know the substances they worked withThe right to participate in maintaining and improving the safety and health conditions of their workplacesThe right to refuse work they considered dangerousThe Gender of Safety and DiseaseoWorker comp laws did not essentially cover many whitecollar office jobsoHazards in the office include poorly designed furniture poor lighting noise and fire safety
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