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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Sociology Medicine Health and Illness An Overview Evolution And The Dominant Paradigm Of Scientific Medicine y The knowledge of modern scientific medicine is founded on the work of Koch Pasteur and other bacteriologistsy The germ theory of disease helped improve the practice of medicine and prevented infectious diseases y This paradigm adopted a mechanistic model of the human body which is that the body works like a machine y People can be made healthy by medical technologies and technologies fixes y Disease then is an alteration a pathological change in the body machinery that must be fixed y This approach ignores the social causes of ill healthy Mechanistic conception said that illness is caused by the malfunctioning of one part of the body machinery the localized pathology This led to delivery of health care Instruments thermometer stethoscope were developed to examine the interior As Navarro and others have argued the form and nature of medicine is determined by class and power relations in the society and not by scientific imperatives The dominance of scientific laboratorybased medicine and the dominant position of allopathic medicine in North America at the beginning of this century were aided by the publication of the Flexner Report which was the document that helped change modern medicine from quackery to responsible practice
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