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Chapter 17

Chapter 17

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Chapter 17WellBeing At MidLife Determinants Of Preventive HealthIntroduction y Preventive health has the powerful potential to reduce health care costs and delay or prevent the onset of established chronic disease y At midlife there are measures that can be taken by health care professionals and laypeople to make a difference in health and well being of those in midlife y Midlife is seen as a time of transition opportunity and challenge For some it is a time of heightened reevaluation and reorientation Lifecourse as an approach to aging y Lifecourse is a sociological term used to describe life stages in social and cultural contexts y A lifecourse approach acknowledges the fluidity of the interaction between people and their environment and the social and cultural context of biological change Prevention in everyday life y Women only go to doctor when they have acute health problems than chronic problems like aches pains headaches sore feet etc and go to doctor about these issues when they have time Employment and working conditions y Sources of stress at midlife that may be risk factors in one subpopulation may a
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