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Chapter 20

Chapter 20

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Chapter 20 y Workers vigorously protested what they perceived to be the inherent dangers of factory production y The 1915 Ontario Workmens Compensation Act and other provincial acts that followed were historic victories for workers in Canada y Workers were not assured of some financial compensation if they were injured on the job y They no longer had to undergo the arduous and mostly futile process of proving the liability of their employers in unfriendly courts of law y The sums injured workers received were far less than what was needed to provide for themselves and second in instances of permanent disability the payments did not match the extent of disability nor last as long y As with the provincial Factory Acts not all workers were covered by workmens competition legislation y In accepting guaranteed compensation workers had been forced to give up their right to sue their employers This was the historic compromise of workmens compensation in Canada The Times Are A Changin y After working in dusty coalmines and textile mills workers were sick and dying Doctors who assisted these workers diagnosed them with advanced fibrosis thickening and scarring of lungconditions termed black lung from the injection of black coal dust and brown lung from breathing in
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