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Chapter 3


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Health Studies
R Song

CHAPTER 3 NOTES Introduction y Public health policy and practice are concerned with preventing injury and illness within a population o Preventing injury and illness and providing health care services for those who are injured and ill are complementary objectives y Priority give to public health policy with its focus on prevention versus health care policy with its focus on treatment varies over time and with different social economic and political circumstances y Health promotion has become a goal of health policy o Encourages and empowers individuals to make healthy choices and discourages them from making unhealthy choices o The health promotion framework draws attention to a wide range of social determinants of health and illness that differentially affect the health status of the population as a whole as well as the health status of various subgroups in society y Efforts to develop a new public health system are the result of the confluence of several forces including globalization the emergence of a new balance of sociopolitical forces climate change and
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