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Health Studies
R Song

The Embodiment of Inequity AdelsonConcept Map Summary 1 Health disparitiesrelated topolticosocioeconomicand cultural levelsOUTCOME Disproportionatehealth burden of aboriginal people 2 History ofcolonialism and paternalism autonomy is limited in terms of health care in Aboriginal society reinstitutionalize and deindividualizedtaking their identitiesDiscriminatory practices racists attitudes and sexistseg creation of reserved system and relocation of communities3 Genetic component but SES and poverty societal stressors and inadeq Resourcessociety created 4 EncroachmentintrusionHistory and dispossession linked to politic economic disadv Andmarginalization 5 Assembly of First NationsAFNreflects health and equity and pay attentions to individual effects of inequity Concern in policies holistic health prevention and prevention and after careDifferentdefinition of health bec Of cultural differences in understanding health vs definition of health in a biomedical perspective on health and healing where patient is passive and compliant in treatments prescribed by their physiciansAboriginal wellness model on the other hand focus more in comprehensive understanding of and individual 6 Social status of aboriginal people politics treaties rights and autonou playa roles in health equity 7 Success of Aboriginal people in terms of high SES and standard of living not surpass theoverwhelming disparities 8Demographic ProfileMetis not identify in Indian Act many aboriginal people not registeredAboriginal people live in north and prairiesNunavut Northwest and Yukon
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