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Week 7 readings

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

READINGS FOR WEEK 7 1. Social Determinants of Health: An Overview of Concepts and Issues by Dennis Raphael (Chapter 5 of Staying Alive) Rudolph Virchow and the Social Determinants of health German physician (1821 1902), medical discoveries so extensive that he is known as the Father of Modern Pathology His Report on the Typhus Epidemic Prevailing in Upper Silesia argues that lack of democracy, feudalism and unfair tax policies in the province were the primary determinants of the inhabitants poor living conditions, inadequate diet, and poor hygiene What are Social Determinants of Health? mechanisms by which members of different socio-economic groups come to experience varying degrees of health and illness The 11 key determinants that are especially relevant to understanding and improving the health of Canadians are: aboriginal status, early life, education, employment and working conditions, food security, health care services, housing, income and its distribution, social safety net, social exclusion and unemployment and employment security. Evidence Concerning Social Determinants of Health Research based on the SDoH provides explanations for (a) the general improvement in health among citizens in developed nations over the past 100 years (since 1900), (b) health differences observed among populations within nations, (c ) differences in overall health among Canadians and citizens in other developed nations Emerging Themes (Frameworks) Materialist Approach conditions of living as determinants of health o Individuals experience varying degrees of positive and negative exposures over their lives that accumulate to produce adult health outcomes o Wealth of nations is a strong indicator of population health, but within nations, socio-economic position is a powerful indicator of population health (as it is an indicator of material advantage or disadvantage over the lifespan) o Material conditions of life lead to differing likelihood of physical (infections, malnutrition, injuries), developmental, educational (learning disabilities, poor learning), and social problems Neo-materialist Approach conditions of living and social infrastructure as determinants of health www.notesolution.com
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