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Week 11 readings

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Readings for Week 11 Chapter 11 The provision of care th - Medical profession emerged as the dominant health occupation in Canada in the late 19 century and early 20 century. o Professional organizations were established, placed limits on who is allowed to practice medicine. Exerted control over medical knowledge. - Women excluded from med schools and medicinal practice, they were harassed. - Womens involvement in health care was thru support occupations: nursingdental hygienedental and legal assistants. - Midwifery (female job) excluded from Canadian health care. - Homeopaths and herbalists also excluded - Then medical dominance began to decline, female health professions started to increase - All professions were rationalized - - -> efficiently using health care resources o Wanted professions to be flexible and keep costs low - Health care division had to decide what type of workers should exist, what will each type do, and what education is required for it. o In Ontario, govt appointed a Health Professions Legislation Review to regulate health professions. - Some say reasoning behind notion that non physician providers are cheaper than physicians is related to societal notion of skills o Women associated with lower skill set, and because nurses are a female profession, they should be cheaper in cost. o Nursing care seen as providing care to families ---> no training needed - Female health care providers operate within a social system of healthcare that devalues their skills and knowledge o Nurses are usually cut off first during hospital fiscal restraint - After health care became responsibility of govt in Canada, govt started to put limits on health care spending cuz costs were too high o So reforms included getting people out of health institutions faster, delay their entry, or prevent them from coming www.notesolution.com
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