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Chapter 7

chapter 7 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

HLTB03 CHAPTER 7 Glossary Capping: cost containment measures such as setting a predetermined level of number of activities to be performed within a specific program during a specified time frame; for example, a number of particular organ transplants or surgeries over a one-year period. Common good: the well-being of aggregates(communities and society), not just individuals; some notion of the well-being of communities and society, if arrived at through participatory democratic processes, can provide a moral horizon for work in ethics and public policy Constrained agency: ideological and structural constraints to agency within nursing such that nurses are unable to act upon their professional responsibilities and accountability. Corporate ideology: the taken for granted beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions that bring a business model to health care. Culture: the processes that happen between people as individuals and as groups within organizations and society, and that confer meaning and significance; the health care system has its own culture. Downsizing: cost containment measures such as bed closures, staff layoffs, and reductions in the length of hospital stay. Emotional labour: the effort involved in dealing with other peoples feelings and emotions, and in the case of nursing, dealing with the fears and worries of ill patients and their families and promoting the emotional well-being of patients. Globalization: the economic, social, and political transformation of the world, such that capital flows around the world to serve the interests of an economically dominant elite. Ideology: a set of beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions about the world that justify or explain what is. Ideologies are not in and of themselves good or bad; when unexamined, however, they can lead to unanticipated outcomes. Ideology of scarcity: a perception about the state of the econom
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