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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 study guide

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Hltb03Ch. 17 - Mid life is often seen as a time of transition, opportunity and challengeand it is defined as between 40-65 - Literature on health and mid life is generally focused on the beginning of bodily decline, when hormone levels drop, physiological functions begin to fail, mental acuity wanes and the resulting inevitable deterioration of health occurs for both men and women - Medically, both men and women are more susceptible to disease related to aging, family history, and cumulative exposure to risk factors FRAMING THE CONTECT OF MID LIFE HEALTH AND WELL BEING The social determinants of health - 12 factors currently listed as determinants of health o Gender o Culture o Income and social status o Healthy child development o Biology and genetic endowment o Physical environment o Employment and work conditions o Personal health practices and coping skills o Education o Health services o Social support networks o Social environments - Mid life is a time at which the range of determinants of health whose effects may cumulate over time may affect ones well being Population health - Context, locality, and health are intertwined to affect the health of populations www.notesolution.com
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