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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter Six The Principles of Research Searching the Published and Unpublished Literature (145) - Non-significant research results tend to remain in internal departmental report, known as the grey literature. Computerised and Other Literature Databases (146) - Manual searches sometimes helpful because all relevant articles will not necessarily be indexed under the appropriate key words. - Also, not all relevant articles will be indexed within one database; for example, aging journals found indexed in social science but not medical databases. Data Extraction and Quality Assessment (148) - Data extraction proforma for empirical research reviews should include, at minimum: - Clear statement of aims; - Study design (experimental by type; observational by type); - Research quality criteria (ex. Type ofblinding in RCTs); - Appropriateness of methods and statistics; - Country and date of study; - Site of study (ex. Populationhospitalprimary care); - Sample size, coverage, and evidence of statistical power; - Response rates sample attrition; - Sample characteristics, including condition; - Theoretical framework; - Predictors and outcomes assessed; - Measurement tools with evidence of reliability and validity; - Outcomesresults; - Generalisability
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