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Health Studies
Iva Zovkic

HLTB15 WINTER 2013 Week # 9: “New Model for Predicting Adolescent Sexual Intentions” by Lin Et Al. Abstract  Sample size of 411 7 and 10 graders  Purpose of study is to test a model of sexual intentions for adolescent where beliefs, alcohol use, and past sexual behaviors were predictors of teenage sexual intentions  Results of path analysis o Negative direct relationship between beliefs and sexual intention o Alcohol use had a indirect effect on sexual intentions mediated by past sexual behavior while having a positive direct effect on past sexual behavior o Relationship indicates that adolescent beliefs not congruent with actions (beliefs are in opposition to sexual behavior they have participated in) Introduction  Understanding teen sexual behaviors requires knowledge of teen’s alcohol use, sexual beliefs and sexual intentions – alcohol use is a strong predictor of sexual behavior  Health belief Model – Social Learning Theory links behaviors with knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and skills  Social learning theory claims that behavioral changes result from increasing the strength of the perceived relationships of a behavior and its consequences, in addition how these consequences are evaluated  Sexual beliefs influence sexual behavior – sexual belief can include sexual anxiety, arousal, exploration and commitment  Males more likely to have intercourse vs. females  Sexually experienced teens had higher intentions to have intercourse than non-sexually experienced teens (Nahom et al.)  Purpose of this study is to propose a hypothesized model that attempts to connect teen sexual behaviors with beliefs, intentions and alcohol use  “We hypothesize that sexual belief and alcohol use predict teens’ sexual intentions mediated by teens’ past sexual behaviors” Methods  Participants: 411 7 and 10 graders from urban areas in Alabama – 42 % female, 58% male, 52% African Americans & 48% Caucasians  Instrumentation: 41 item scale to measure beliefs towards sex, alcohol use, behavioral intention, self report sexual activities and demographic information  Variables: Sexual beliefs, alcohol use, behavioral intention and s
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