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Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat

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Intro to Research in Health Chapter 5The Philosophical Framework of Measurement Introduction 128 Scientific method is systematic should be based on an agreed set o rules and processes which are rigorously adhered to and against which the research can be evaluated Reliability repeatability of the research Validity extent to which the instruments measure what the purport to measureThe Philosophy of Science 128 Deduction starting with a general idea and developing a theory and testable hypotheses from it to be tested by data Induction starting by collecting data and building up observations for testing from them Positivism is the dominant philosophy underlying quantitative scientific methods It assumes that phenomena are measurable using the deductive principles of the scientific method Also assumes that like matter human behaviour is a reaction to external stimuli and that it is possible to observe and measure it using the principles of the natural and physical sciencesParadigms 129 Each branch of scientific enquiry is based on a set of theoretical perspectives or paradigmsConsist of a set of assumptions on which the research questions are basedObjectivity and Value Freedom 129 Scientific method implies the exercise of objectivity Although many scientists strive for value freedom it is naive to assume that this is actually achieved in any field of study Scientists cannot divorce themselves from the cultural social
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