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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Ch 1 113 Descriptive research questionsurvey sampleResearch on topic that is too complex sensitive or unknownqualitative methods focus group interview observationResearch on causeandeffect issuesexperimental design randomised controlled trial RCT Ie Do women aged 75 have worse health outcomes than men aged 75 following thrombolysis therapy for acute myocardial infarction Depending on what situation it may be unethical to randomize ppl to interventions that are unacceptable thus other methods employed could be prospective longitudinal survey of a popnTriangulatedcombined methodological approach is used to address diff facets of a research issue Diff methods which complement each other Helps establish the external validitity of researchQualitative research findings enhance quantitative survey dataQualitativequantitative and DescriptiveanalyticalThe experimental method is the predominant choice for researchHealth research in relation to health generally having an emphasis on health servicesan important role in informing the planningoperation of services aiming to achieve healthHealth system research ultimately concerned w improving the health of a community by enhancing the efficiencyeffectiveness of the health system as an integrated part of the overall process of socioeconomic dvlptHealth services research the relsh btw health service deliverythe health needs of the popn USABritains main focus The identification of the health care needs of communitiesthe study of the provision effecti
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