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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

1425Healthill health are a consequence of the interaction of social psychologicalbiological eventsThe Biopsychosocial model of ill health The assessment of outcomes incorporates the medical modelpatients perspective reduced symptoms and toxicity satisfaction w treatmentHealth status is one domain of healthrelated quality of life its past definition focused on physical morbiditymental health It now overlaps w the broader concept of healthrelated quality of life both lookphysical health fitness symptoms physical functioning social functioninghealth psychological wellbeing emotional wellbeingperceptionsPatient reported outcomes validated instruments database PROVIDEaka Selfreported health instrumentsIe patient expectations satisfaction preferences adherenceCh 2 Social research on health sociologicalpsychological conceptsapproaches Psychology the scientific study of bhvrmental processesSociology the study of social lifebhvr Sociology in medicine healthhealth services research by focusing on applied researchanalysis on contemporary issues Sociology of health theoretical disciplineAim to understand ppls perceptions bhvrexperience in the face of healthillness experiences w health care copingmanagement strategies societal reactions to illness functioning of health services in relation their effect son ppl The measurement of healthdisease is based on quantitative methodology Social sciences relies on quantitative scientific approaches Positivism social
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