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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

128141Systematic agreed set of rules and processes which are rigoursly adhered to and against which the research can be evaluatedRigour to minimise contamination and enhance the accuracy of the research through the detailed documentation of the research process the collection of data in an objective manner the systematic collection analysis and interpretation of the data the careful maintenance of detailed research records the use of additional research methods to check the validity of the findings the repeated measurement of the phenomena of interest and the involvement of another trained investigator who could reproduce the research results using the same methods measurement tools and techniques of analysis Deduction deductive reasoning is when the investigator starts w general ideas and develops specific theories and hypotheses f them which are then tested by collecting and analysing dataInduction inductive reasoning begins w observations and builds up general statements and hypotheses f them for testing Positivism the dominant philosophy underlying quantitative scientific methods it assumes that phenomena are measurable using the deductive principles of the scientific method Like matter human bhvr is a reaction to external stimuli and that its possible to observe and measure it using natural and physical sciences Paradigm a set of theoretical perspectives that consist of a set of assumptions on which the research questions are basedor a way of lookingthe world Valuefreedom research should be governed by valuefree neutrality bc researchers cannot assume that their own values and priorities apply to others who dont share their world Empiricism the importance of making observations rather than theoretical statements as the prevailing philosophy of scienceProbabilistic inductive logic inductive logic that was merel
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