HLTA10 Ch 11

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HLTA10 Ch 11 Data Collection Methods in Quantitative Research Selfadministered questionnaire and interviews methods are most commons mean of data collectionStructured questionnaires the use of fixed standardized questionnaires batteries of questions tests psychological andor scales which are presented to respondents in the same way w no variation in question wording and w mainly precoded response choices used in facetoface postal and phone interviewsSemistructured questionnaires mainly fixed questions but w no or few response codes and are used flexibility to allow the interviewer to prove and to enable respondents to raise other relevant issues not covered it also allows the interviewer to ask questions out of orderappropriate chances duringA collects unambiguous answers that are easy to count leading to quantitative data for analysis economical and large samples of ppl can be included routine info about medical conditions can be collected high level of reported concordance btwn medical record data and patients reports obtains factual data family size employment history D precoded response choices arent sufficiently comprehensive and not all answers may be easily accommodatedrespondents are forced to choose inappropriate precoded answers that dont fully represent their views relies on unstated general knowledge such as the perceptual and interpretive processes in the interviewer and participant diff perspectives words terms concepts elicit diff responses in diff ppl interviewer bias in interviews recall memory bias and framing where the respondents replies are influenced by the design frame of the precoded response choi
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