HLTA10 Ch 14

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HLTA10 Ch 14 Preparation of Quantitative data for codinganalysisCoding a method of conceptualizing research data and classifying them into meaningful and relevant categories for the participants in the study units of analysisEg a number is assigned to the category which is called the code w the variable sex Code 1 is assigned to females and code 2 to males Deductive coding if previous knowledge or theory was used to construct response categories precoded questions before the instrument was administered to respondentsInductive coding when a study is exploratory or when theres little previous knowledge or theory to inform the dvlpt of codesthe outset of the study then the coding is designed after analyzing a representative sample of answers A flexibility richness of the codes and the chance to dvlp new categories that might not otherwise have been thought of they are derived f the data rather than the data being constrained by being forced to fit precodesD timeconsumingCoding frame the basic rules for the dvlpt of the coding scheme for quantitative data are that codes must be mutually exclusive a response must fit into one category code only coding formats for each item must be comprehensive and codes must be applied consistently Field coding interview data handcoded by the interviewer during or after the interview more rushedprone to coding errorsThe codes may be entered by the coder onto the questionnaire in the boxes designed for this or in a clearly labelled coding boxes allocated for each question each box must contain o
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