chapter 8 notes for HLTA10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Health Studies Section 3; Chapter 8.1 Survey Methods The Survey Social surveys aim to measure attitudes, knowledge and behavior and to collect information as accurately and precisely as possible Descriptive surveys describe populations, study associations between variables, and establish trends Longitudinal surveys are conducted more than once o Aim to analyze cause and effect relationships Survey is a method of collecting information, from a sample of the population of interest usually by personal interviews, postal or other self-completion questionnaire methods, or diaries Descriptive and Analytic Surveys Descriptive o Can be designed to measure certain phenomena (events, behavior, attitudes) in the population of interest o Information is collected from a sample population of interest and descriptive measured are calculated o Can be known as cross-sectional Analytic o Aims to investigate causal associations between variables o Known as longitudinal surveys and are carried out at more than one point in time Objectives of surveys o To estimate certain population parameters
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