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Health Studies
Rhan- Ju Song

September 13 , 2012 Chapter 2: Plagues, the Price of being Sedentary  With meat eating, came an increase in paratism  As nomadic hunters encountered new prey, they met new parasites and new vectors of parasites  Zoonotic: animal infections transmitted to humans  H. habilis were replaced by Homo erectus ( erect man)  When the population of H. Erectus left Africa, some of their parasites when with them, but only those that could be transmitted from person to person  As H. erectus encountered new environments, with new kinds of animals, they were subjected to new sources of parasites  Living overtime in the same settlements caused human disease The Road to Plagues: More Humans, More Disease  Human population was increasing that led to overcrowding which led to more diseases  Malthusian model: natural population has an optimal density  Population was near base-line for many years until it hit industrial revolution  Agriculture changed the environmental restraint so that the set point or upper limit of population size was increased The Effect of Agriculture  Change from hunting and gathering to farming was called the agricultural revolution  What limited population was the mother who could only have one baby at one time  Agriculture encouraged higher birth rates, because additional children provided cheap labour  The availability of surplus stored food allowed members of the population to specialize some became guards & others were soldiers  Heredity came in use, they taxed food which led to urbanization  Disease was very popular at this time because it spread very fast and because everyone was crowded o Closer ass
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