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Chapter 14

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Rhan- Ju Song

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October 4 , 2012 Chapter 14: Leprosy the Striking Hand of God A look back  Leprosy is considered as the disease of the soul and is very contagious  Leprosy arose in the Far East about 1400 BC  It has been said the leprosy was brought from India to Greece from soldiers of Alexander the Great  Association of the disease with sinfulness stigmatized the leper, people thought that everyone who had leprosy always wanted to have sex and do dirty things  Leprosy became accepted as divine punishment for the sins of flesh  Leper’s face and hands were very messed up and people could tell who was a leper and who wasn’t, and sores on the body made people believe that it was contagious (not nice, casted out) o Lepers had to wear different clothes, were not allowed to mix with the crowds, and to wear a bell so people knew when they were coming  Lazar houses were open and lepers were sent there away from the rest of society  The pandemic of leprosy reached epidemic in the 12 century and the peak hit in Europe in the th th 13 and 14 centuries o However, by the 16 century leprosy had seen to have died on and the leper houses th closed down , and by the 18 it had seen to have disappeared  In the early 1860’s there was a “rediscovery” of leprosy as a disease of those of foreign births o They tried to stop it by putting Hawaiians into quarantines , but didn’t work  Father Damien, helped the people that were infected built hospitals, buried leprosy victims  In 1917, a leprosy bill was passed, they sent people to a leprosarium by a train just for lepers, and they were not allowed to marry until 1952  Until the 1960s there were strict laws on lepers to use public transport, flying over certain states, using public bathrooms, and to live freely in society The Disease of Lep
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