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Health Studies
Barakat- Haddad

Disease History Etiology Epidemiology Signs/Symptoms Treatment Pharaoh’s - 1900 B.C. - transmission - arithmetic - Hematuria - diagnostic is done by Plague - - Flourished stages: disease – (blood in urine) examining urine and Snail Fever around the Nile microscopic eggs severity is - ↑ abdomen size stool and finding eggs – Blood River – Irrigation  maracidia  related to the - fever, chills, - no preventive vaccine Fluke practices lead to circacia  adult number of sweating, or drugs Disease favourable worms – worm worms headache Some have used conditions for are tiny...contact present in the - organ Antimony, tartar snails with skin and will host enlargement – emetic but sometimes - 1910 Marc enter and - exists in liver causes death Armand Ruffer eventually go to tropical and - paziquantel ( found calcified the blood cells subtropical Bitricide) eggs of the snails - Vector snails parts of the in Egyptian - 3 forms: world  e.g. mummies - Japonicum (S.E. Egypt - Theodore Bilharz Asia) - 1 million – found the worm - Mansoni (Africa, deaths and named it S. America) annually Schistosoma - Haematobium worldwide (“split + body”) (Africa) Plague of - Greek Civilization - children - fever Athens - 430 BC Ethiopian - ¼ of - pustules (probably disease – moved Athenians - rash typhus) into Egypt and died was brought by - raged for 2 shop to Athens – years a lot of death – navy were decimated – Athenians were defeated - Pericles perished Roman - came to Europe - Hippocrates - la
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