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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 study guide

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

CH. 16 Plagues without Germs *The Red Plague (pellagra) a plague of corn* - first described in Spain in 1735 as Mal de Rosa(the red disease). - generally appeared first as skin rash that covered hands and feet and sketched a butterfly pattern across the neck. - In early stages, the reddening of skin might be confused as due to sun burn or poison oak, but when the skin crusted and peeled away showing the smooth and shiny skin below, it is certain. - symptoms: flaming of skin, loss of balance, staggering gait, senseless muttering, weak and melancholy, tongue became reddened, burning sensation in the mouth, diarrhea. Some went insane some died. - Clinical symptoms : 4Ds dermatitis (??), diarrhea, dementia, death. - pellagra is derived from Italian meaning rough skin. - Pellagra mainly afflicted the poor also ppl who had a diet consisting mainly corn. - Louis Sambon claimed that its vectors were bloodsucking insects, black flies and buffalo gnats. But neither microbe nor vector was found. - Early 1900s, pellagra struck the American South. It was first recognized among the insane hospitalized in Alabama and among tenant farmers and mill workers. Many southerners embarrassed and denied the existence of it. It become epidemic in 1909. - Joseph Goldberger (a skillful microbe hunter) traveled throughout American South where the number of pellagra was highest. He discovered a paradox: doctors and nurses who had physical contacts with patients. But none of them have developed the disease. It appeared it was not a contagious disease spread by dir
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