HLTA01 Ch 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Ch 7 Malaria Fever Plague The Great Imitator Tropical disease high rates in Saharan Africa African children under the age of 5 are most susceptible Ryszard Kapuscinsk Shadow of the Sun anecdote of MalariaSymptoms anxiety paralysis weak irritation dizzy fever enlarged spleen Headache fever anorexia malaise myalgia muscle pain chills fever sweating nausea vomit diarrhea liverorgan dysfunction cough abdominal pain muscle pain anemia jaundice Mentioned in Ebers papyrus 1570 BC King Ashurbanipal 69227 BCthe Nei Chang 2700 BCAlexander the Great died in 323 BCHippocrates Of the Epidemics 470380 BC a Recurrent fevers every 3rd day benign tertian Plasmodium falciparum b Fevers on the 4th day quartan Plasmodium malariaeAfrica Nile Valley Europe Roman Fever 200 BC Vapours f the marshlands of the Roman Campagna Italians saw it as bad airthththth 12 CE SpainRussia 14 CE Eng 15 CE New World 18th CE pandemic 19 CE Mississippi Valley NE US American subtropics Shakespeare agueCharles Laveran 18451922Found transparent globules of blackbrown malaria pigment in infected bloodExflagellation mobile filaments emerging f clear spherical bodiesTo release the microgametes f the male gametocyte a biting fly ingests the gametocytes in the Haemoproteus infected blood the gametes enter the stomachfertilize to become the ookinete a wormlike zygote 1897 students McCollumOpieJohn Hopkins University found sparrows infected w Haemoproteus bird parasite related to malariathe blood contained crescent shaped gametocytes Dr Ronald Ross 1857 claimed malaria to be an intestinal infection
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