HLTA01 Ch 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Ch 8 CholeraGreek origin gutter of a roofHebrew origin bad illnessWaterorfoodborne disease Dr Pettenkoferplague miasmas bad vapours f marshes that contaminated water and transmitted through air Caused by lazinesslack of hygiene Sanitary scientistHygienic Institute Louis Pasteur speculated spoilagefermentation to be the cause 1857 A contagionist who believed in the germ theory1862 1500 Girolamo Fracastoros theory of seed contagionTheory of Spontaneous Generation until the 1850s Francesco Redi refuted the theory that flies had to land on the lifeless matter deposit their eggsthen give birth to maggots 1668Lazzaro Spallanzani refuted the theory bc microbes arise f other microbes 1767 Pasteur successfully disproved the theory of spontaneous generation of life w a swannecked flasks filled w meat broth despite air access there was no sudden devl of living bacteria bc that would require the contact of the trapped airborne microbes in the neck 1862Kochs postulates for distinguishing the causative agent for a microbial diseaseSymptoms dehydration ruptured capillaries discoloured skin blackblue diarrhea ricewater stools headache vomiting convulsions muscle cramps abdominal pain electrolyteswater loss death90 cases were mildmoderateAD 900 Rhazes concluded the disease incurableThomas Sydenham 162489 used the term cholera morbus
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