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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Ch 9 Smallpox the Spotted Plague 191210Orthopoxvirus family PoxviridaeVariola th Plague of Antonine 16 CE1520 Panfilo de Narvaezan infected slave spread smallpox to Yucatan Mexico Aztec Empire allowing the Spanish troop led by Hernan Cortes to conquer 1526 smallpox spread to Peru allowing Francisco Pizarro to conquer the Inca EmpireSmallpox was a selective disease the Spaniards werent infectedAn Egyptian mummy Pharaoh Ramses V died in 15701085 BC f smallpoxThe craterlike scars were pockmarksTrade caravans helped spread smallpox GreeceRome AD 100 Korea AD 583 Japan AD 585 China 1122 BC Ancient IndiaThe Huns of Central Asia may have carried smallpox to Europe in 1300The English used smallpox as a weapon of germ warfare in the war of 1763 by distributing contaminated blankets w smallpox pustules to Indian tribes to gain North America FrenchIndian war The first outbreak in the Americas was in 1518 due to the African slave trade Smallpox viruses include monkeypox cowpox milkers node tanapoxchickenpoxMode of transmission can be inhalation of aerosols cough nasal mucus direct contact or contaminated fomites objects The infection is asymptomatic during the first week the virus multiplies in the mucous membranes of the mouthnose it moves via the bloodstream into lymph nodesinternal organsIncubation period 1214 days Symptoms are headache fever chills nausea muscle ache convulsions malaise rigors deliriumrash 23 d skin lesions 814 d pustules devlp scabsheal The infection destructs the sebaceous oil glands of the skinpockmarks
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