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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Ch 12 The Great Pox Syphilis The Great Imitator 255275A Fine Treatise on the Origin of the French Evil Syphilis pamphlet The Tuskegee Syphilis Study was conducted in the American South 1932 by the US Public Health Service 399 poor black men w latent syphilis were enlisted and were performed on for annual blood checksoffered medical incentives for their bad blood The Tuskegee study was to study the natural course of syphilisso the men were denied penicillin 47 Syphilis f 1493 swept over Europe China India Africa Middle EastJapan The disease was brought to Naples Italy by the Spanish troops against French King Charles VIII in 1494Charles troops f Germany Switz England Hungary Poland FranceSpain were infected by the Neapolitan women Symptoms of syphilis were fever open sores disfiguring scars disabling pain in the jointsdeathThe Columbian Theory Christopher Columbus visited the Americasarrived in San Salvador in 1492returned in Spain in 1493 carrying w him natives of the West Indies who were infected w syphilis who joins the army of Charles VIII New World to Europe The PreColumbian Theory human treponemes came f animals resulting to pinta Treponema carateum skin infectionslesions and pigment changes it migrated f African in 15 000 BC to the tropics of Americas Europeans infected Native AmericansIn 10 000 BC it mutated into yaws Treponema pertenue in the tropics of Africawas brought to Americas during the slave trade the disease exists in warm moist climate w poor hygiene it spreads through the body via blooddisfigures the facebones As Homo sapiens grew into temperatedrier regions the spirochetes mutated to become endemic syphiliswas transmitted via contaminated objects drinking vessels kitchen utensils saliva contaminated fingersmouthtomouth contactFirst signs of Sy
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