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Caroline Barakat

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Ch 14 Leprosy the Striking Hand of God 302312leprosy already existed during biblical timesthe Middle AgesJob was considered to be the patron of lepersleprosy was imagined as a disease of the soulwas highly contagious according to the story of BenHurleprosy arose in the Far Eastaccounts have been mentioned in Indian text Charaka Samhit 600400 BCChinese literature Nei Chang 250230 BCsymptoms are stiff joints inflamednodular flesh disfigured faceshands numbness loss of eyebrowsbeardthe deterioration of the nose bridgeth its believed to have passed f India to Greece by the soldiers of Alexander the Great in 4 CE BCAractus a contemporary of Galen describes of it in AD 150terms of the disease transitioned f ssaraath lepros lepra leprosylepers were believed to be crabby sinful suspicioushornythe disease is also known as satyriasis an insatiable sexual appetitevenereal disease somehow became associated w leprosyit became accepted that the disease was divine punishment for the sins of sexin 1179 quarantine such as isolationsegregation btw leperssociety was enforcedrefuges such as Lazar Houseslazarets were establishednotions that pulmonary tuberculosis provoked greater resistance to leprosy were falsethe Knights of the Crusades and imported Chinese labourers helped spread the disease throughout Europe in thththe 1617 centuries in 18651974 a leper colony was established on Molokai Hawaii that housed 142 diseased patients Father Damien 18401889 a Roman Catholic priest helped the victim
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