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Chapter 13

Summary for Tuberculosis of Chapter 13

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter 13 TuberculosisHistory of Tuberculosis since antiquityDocumented in Egypt India and China as early as 5000 3300 and 2300 years agoTypical skeletal abnormalities TB in spine found in Andrean mummies clear that TB was found 5000 years ago2400 BC Egyptian mummies show pathological signs from TBTB limited to animals in prehistoric times 80004000 BC domesticating animals spread the diseases to humansTB epidemics likely from changes in the host population and the environment bovine TB could have transferred from domestication of animals to humans by milkdrinking herdsmen800 BC Homer the term itself phthisis or consumption460 BC Hippocrates identify pulmonary TB disease was due to evil air but did not consider it contagious knew it was fatal384322 BC Aristotle suggested that TB may be due to bad and heavy breathClaims of royal supernatural powers during the Middle Ages AD 5001500 practice of powers that could heal TBEngland practice of kings of Evil or the Royal TouchingIn modern theory of contagion believed that consumption is 1546 Fracastorius describes caused by invisible germs in the lung1629 Consumption leading cause of death in London 20 of death were attributed to consumption peaked in
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