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Plagues and PeoplesTextbook Chapter 2Plagues the Price of Being Sedentary September 28 2010 Page Notes23Stanley Kubricks film 2001 A Space Odyssey is a masterpiece on human evolutionIt shows how at first the apemen are vegetarians and do not bother when a herd of tapirs pass by because there are no weapons or utilities to kill themAfter a few days it shows how one single piece of bone is used and makes the apemen go from vegetarians to hungry meateating creaturesThe bone is then tossed in the year and is turned into a space orbiting satellite o Shows the evolution of man 24 Becoming Human Becoming ParasitizedAfrica was the start of humanity earliest evidence bones and teeth fossils of hominidsanimals ancestral to modern humans was discovered in Africa o These 42 million years old hominids are called Australopithecus anamensis When the old apelike humans descended from trees to the ground it created different disease patterns because they 1were introduced into a new environment an ecological niche that was not like the forest tops living in trees226H Habilis was afflicted with parasites there is no fossil evidence to prove this but we know that there was an increase in parasitism 3 As time went on H Habilis discovered new preys and thus new parasites and new vectors of parasites4o The result was zoonosesThis was caused because the mosquitoes flies mites ticks and etc that bit them and from the animals that they killed and ate the meat may have had different kinds of parasites o The humantohuman transmission was low at the time because there was a population of approximately 100 000 27H erectus replaced H HabilisH erectus had hand axes which they used to cook create fires and eat different parts of animals and plantsThe population of this species grew and they also migrated around China India Europe and AsiaThey took much of the p
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