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Plagues and PeoplesTextbook Chapter 4An Ancient Plague the Black DeathOctober 3 2010 Page Notes 67During last 2000 year 3 bubonic plague pandemics have cause more social and economic uproar than war or any other disease First bubonic plague pandemicJustinian Plague 542 to 543Second bubonic plague pandemicBlack Death the Great Dying or the Great Pestilence 1346 to 1352 It caused population of Europe and Middle East to reduce from 100 million to 80 million and put end to rise in human population People during Medieval Ages believed cause was a vicious property of the air but we now know cause was microbes left over from the first pandemic Justinian 68During Justinian Plague plagueinfected rats moved westward along the caravan routes between Asia and Mediterranean The rats boarded ships and jumped from port to port Story of pied piper based on these rats69Sometimes called the Plague of Florence because the Black Death is most associated with Florence70Venetian republic introduced quarantine of all ships for 40 days while tied up to the dock term quarantine from quaranta meaning forty but idea failed because rats left the ships via docking linesSome effective measures were burning of clothing and bedding and burying of dead in shallow unmarked graves sprinkled with lye a strong solution of sodium or potassium hydroxide Unable to find the real source of the plague public blamed outsidersPeople started losing faith in Christianity71Black Death was most dramatic outbreak of bubonic plagueIt did not completely disappear between 1347 and 1722 it occurred in Europe at infrequent intervalsThird pandemic began in 1860s in wartorn Yunnan region of China
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