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Chapter 1

Plagues and people; chapter 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Health Studies 01readings 2012Chapter 1the Nature of Plagues Symptoms of pneumonia fever chills headache muscle aches dry cough chest pains shortness of breath vomiting diarrhea lungs filled with fluid and pus confusion disorientation hallucinations loss of memoryIn 1976 Peter Turner a world war 2 veteran attended the Legion convention in Philadelphia and was the first to get this disease in the hotel where he was for a convention Legionnaires disease effected 221 people and 33 died from pneumonia No person to person spread Air was the probable pathway of this disease spreading and the most popular theory was that infection resulted from aspiration produced by choking secretions in the mouth get past the chocking reflex and instead of going into the esophagus and stomach mistakenly enter the lungs of bacteria called legionella in aerosolized water from either cooling towers or evaporative condensers Protective mechanisms that normally prevent aspiration are defective in older people smokers and people with lung disease11000 cases documented of Legionnaires disease in the US annually and estimates of 100000 with a fatality rate of 15Outbreaks have been traced to water heaters whirlpool baths respiratory therapy equipment an ultrasonic misters used in grocery storesToxic Shock Syndrome or TSS is a gender specific disease Mary Benton graduate student and English composition TA at USLA was the first to get it Each case began with vomiting and high fever followed by light headedness fainting soar throat and muscle aches A day later victim got a rash and eyes become bloodshot red 34 days
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