Plagues and People

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter 13Tuberculosis believed that the mental activity and artistic talent were simulated by TB Pulmonary TB TB of the lungs when in the lungs can run acute course causing extensive destruction in a few months TB can affect other organs such as the lungs intestine larynxScrofula pig the swollen neck looks like a little pig lymph nodes on the neckPotts disease after Sir Percival Pottdescribed the condition in 1779TB can cause fusion of the vertebrae and deformation of the spineLupus Vulgaris TB that affect the skin and kidneys Addison Disease TB that destroys the function of the adrenal cortexCaused by Mycobacteria same as leprosy3 types mycobacterium tuberculosis M leprae and M avium all are human pathogens that cause TB leprosy and pulmonary disease with swollen glands on the neckM avium is an opportunistic infection found in some immunocompromised people AIDSSymptoms include weight loss fever chills night sweats abdominal pains diarrhea weakness Mbovisis a parasite of cattle it can affect people but does so infrequent and with difficulties grows under conditions where the oxygen levels are low not associated with lung disease hypothesized that arose from soil bacteria and human became affected by drinking milk TB of the spine associated with the Mbovis and results from a blood infection that spreds to the spine via the lymph vesselsM tuberculosis grows best when the oxygen is plentiful and is associated with lungs
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