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Chapter 1&2

Plagues reading chapter 1&2

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter 1: The Nature of Plagues Peter Turner world war II veteran attended a convention for the American legions, and stayed at the Bellevue-Stratford hotel. Two days later he fell sick and died from pneumonia, along with 33 other veterans. This was called Legionnaires disease Legionnaires that spend a longer time at the hotel became ill. The theory of that the infection resulted from aspiration of bacteria (legionella) in either cooling towers or evaporative condensers. Secretions in the mouth get past choking reflexes and went into the esophagus instead. Estimated 100,000 people with this disease with a 15% fatality rate. Toxic shock syndrome or TSS, high fever vomiting. And is gender specific. TSS was linked to the use of a certain type of tampon, which caused favorable environments for the toxin producing s. aureus. SARS caused panic, curtailed travel and commerce, and economic collapse. Our world is more vulnerable than it was in the past. Parasites are a fragment of genetic material wrapped in protein, called a virus. Malaria and hookworm parasite cause anemia, and effects of blood loss can cause death. When the transmission of the parasite involves living organisms they are called vectors. Bacterias are prokaryotes, and assume bacilli, cocci, or spiral forms. Protozoas are one celled eukaryotes www.notesolution.com
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