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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 study guide

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Plagues and People Chapter Notes: Chapter 14: Leprosy, the Striking Hand of God: Job from the Old Testament probably suffered from leprosy, considered the patron of lepers. Arose in the Far East around 1400 BC, description sin Hindu writings and in Chinese literature. Claimed that it was brought from India to Greece in the 4 century BC by soldiers of Alexander the Great OR spread from Far East to the west along trade routes. Emperor Constantine suffered from leprosy and believed that bathign in the blood of sacrificed children would cure him Hebrew word saraath, was translated into Greek it became lepros, then the Latinized version was lepra, and the English translation was translated into leprosy. Leprosy became accepted as a divine punishment for the sins of the flesh. 1179, lepers were told not to mix with crowds and use own contained to draw water, not touch anything unless it was paid for first, where a distinctive garment and announce presence with a bell or clapper. Henry II and Phillip V strapped lepers to a post and burned them
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