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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter 13: The Peoples Plague- Tuberculosis Tuberculosis has been thought to produce spells of euphoria, increased appetite and exacerbated sexual desire. When epidemic TB reached Western Europe, people with TB were considered beautiful and erotic. TB was romanticized without knowing that it was actually an chronic infectious disease. Tuberculosis includes: coughing making eating and breathing very difficult, weight loss that prevented walking, and severe pain. A Look Back Tuberculosis is an ancient disease. Tuberculosis of the lungs (pulmonary TB) is the most common form of disease. In the U.S., the lung is the primary site of infection. When the lungs are the primary site, TB can run an acute course causing extensive destruction in a few monthsso called galloping consumption. TB can be mistaken with chronic bronchitis with the spitting up of blood.. TB can affect organs such as the intestine and larynx, and the lymph nodes in the neck producing a swelling called scrofula. Tuberculosis can also produce the fusion of the vertebrae and deformation of the spine, called Potts disease. This may lead to a hunchback and also affect the skin (when it is called lupus vulgaris) and the kidneys. TB of the adrenal cortex destroys adrenal function and leads to Addisons disease. The microbes that cause TB (and leprosy) are called mycobacteria. Mycobacteria inhabit the soil and water, where they fix nitrogen and degrade organic materials. Mycobacteria have a protective cell wall composed of unusual waxy lipids and polysaccharides. M.tuberculosis M.leprare M.avium M.bovis www.notesolution.com
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