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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Smallpox notes (revision)

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter 9 History: -Old world disease and an indiscriminate disease, can target anybody -From domesticated animals, first found in mummified Pharaoh Ramses V who had pockmarks. - 100AD, Plague of Antonine, known in Greece and Rome , brought from soldiers in Mesopotamia (italy), trade caravans assisted in the spread of smallpox -16th century became a serious disease in England and Europe - Biological warfare: French-Indian war, used smallpox against the Indian troops, on blankets and hankerchiefs Symptoms: - After 9 days of exposure, acute onset: fever, malaise, rigors, vomiting, headache, backache and occasionally delirium, high intensity but short period of time. - 2-3 days later skin lesions appear; 8 to 14 days after symptoms appear, the pustules develop scabs and heal, can lead to severe scarring -Infectious: day prior to the appearance of the rash and until the time the scabs have separated -Secondary infections, eyebrows or eyelashes falling, disfiguration, hand and feet. -13 of infected people became blind Death: may occur a few days or a week after the rash appears, complications from secondary infect
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