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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: King Cholera

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter 8: King Cholera Cholera: as known as King Cholera in England Water or food borne disease, sewage disease History : described as the history of pandemics -7 pandemics : 1) 1816-1821: originated in India (River Ganges) and spread mainly by British troops, headquarters in Bengal 2) 1829-1851: reaching Europe, Canada, and the US 1831: mortality of 13% in Cairo, Egypt 1832: known as King Cholera in England 1849: Americas greatest scourge 3) 1852-1859: scientific advances in understanding Cholera 4) 1863-1873 5) 1881-1896: hygienic measures stopped its spread to North America 6) 1899-1923: stopped for the most part of western hemisphere 7) 1961-ongoing: in its dying phase, series of outbreak below Etiology : - Bacteria: Vibrio Cholerae (due to its vibrating wiggles), gram negative, comma-shaped bacillus (Koch saw the bacteria in feces during 5 epidemic 1883) - has two viruses within it, one that codes for cholera toxin (1929), the other codes for the receptor which allow the toxin coding virus to enter bacterium - bacteria can go dormant and enter spore-like cell when reproduction is not favourable, next epidemic boom may come from phytoplankton triggered by global warming -Incubation period: few hours
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