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Chapter 3

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Caroline Barakat

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Plagues and People reader notes chapter 3 Confluence of the civilized disease pools of Eurasia 500BC-1200AD Many diseases and epidemics recorded since the beginning of history Ex. Moses and at least 1 person dying in every household Reported epidemics as acts of god in the Old Testament Major centers of population and communication of human chains of infection had an optimal chance of becoming permanently established Epidemic outbreaks would then appear in outlying regions where unusual activities would trigger infection (ex. Military movements) Yellow river is important for farmers in China who started to build dikes for crops When farmers tried to extend their lands southward, they met disease The result is the climatic difference between northern and central China where the warmer moister conditions in the south thrived the greater variety of parasites The populations adjusted to the disease and the North faced formidable problems in adjusting to the patterns of parasitism that prevailed farther south Infestation and infection became significant when Chinese farmers started to spend a significant part of their working time in shallow standing water Malaria and other mosquito borne disease such as dengue fever plague northern and souther
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