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Chapter 14

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Prashanthan Oct/04/2012 Leprosy/Hansen’s Disease Ch. 14  Referenced in Bible  Considered as disease of the soul  Job considered patron of lepers o Depicted with black spots (sign of leprosy) A Look Back  Probably arose in Far East about 1400 BC  India to Greece via soldiers of Alexander the great OR Far East to West via trade routes  Described by Aractus – 150 AD  Emperor Constantine suffered from leprosy  Believed to be divine punishment for sins  Lepers were stigmatized and isolated in leper houses – believed to be contagious  Believed that tuberculosis provides resistance  Spain & Africa  Americas – 16 and 17 century  Epidemic in Hawaii led to banishing of lepers to Molokai in 1860s  Father Damien arrived in Molokai, provided comfort and compassion to lepers -1873 o Died in 1889 (supposedly to leprosyreinforced belief that it was highly infectious)  Leprosarium in America – contained lepers an
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