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Chapter 13

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Prashanthan Oct/04/2012 Tuberculosis/White Plague Ch. 13  Called consumption – 1850s to 1900s o Those inflicted were said to have artistic talent and powers of sexual seduction  Not recognized as infectious it was romanticized A Look Back  Ancient disease  Pulmonary TB = Tuberculosis of the lungs o M. tuberculosis  Can affect other organs o Sometimes swelling of lymph nodes (scrofula) – 1000 to 400 BC o Fusion of vertebrae/deformation of spine (Pott’s disease) – 100 BC  M. bovis o Affect adrenal cortexdestroys adrenal function (Addison’s disease)  M. bovis infrequent in humans – requires low 2 levels to grow  M. tuberculosis specific to human – requires hig2 O levels to grow o Spread via droplets of saliva and mucus  M. tuberculosis believed to evolve from M. bovis after cattle were domesticated  Egypt Middle East, Greece, India via nomadic Indo-Europeans  Hippocrates: due to bad air, but not considered contagious  Aristotle: due to “bad and heavy breath”, might be contagious  Galen: was contagious, but contagious agent couldn’t be found  During middle ages, royalty cured scofulas by touching it
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