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Chapter 9


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Prashanthan Oct/25/2012 Smallpox Ch.9  1520 – Expedition arrived from Spanish Cuba to Aztec Empire o A slave-member in crew had smallpox o Spread from village to village  Indiscriminate disease o Affects everyone regardless of class, social status, wealth, etc A Look Back  Suspected that humans acquired infectious agent from pox-like disease of domesticated animals during agricultural revolution  Africa/India  West of China  Known in Greece, but not a health threat until the Plague of Antonius  Contributed to the settlement of North America by the French and English  1763 – English used as weapon of germ warfare against Indians o Blankets/Hankerchiefs deliberately contaminated by English, and sent to India to start epidemic, and ensured the Indians’ defeat in the war The Disease of Smallpox  Caused by virus  Enters body via inhalation OR direct contact/thru contaminated formites (inanimate objects)  Multiplies in mucous membrane of nose and mouth  Individual is infectious a day before rash appears until all scabs have fallen off  Many die few days/week after rash appears  Infection results in destruction of skin’s elasticity, leaving permanent crater-like scars o Pockmarks  2 types o Variola major – more deadly o Variola minor – less fatal o Differ in their genetic material slightly “Catching” Smallpox  Contagious  Spread from person to person (no animal reservoirs)  Since it is so contagious, it requires a large number of susceptible humans to exist in a community  Spreads more rapidly during winter in temperate climates and during dry season in tropics 1 Prashanthan Oct/25/2012  Most individuals who were susceptible either recovered and became immune, or died  Mainly started to aff
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