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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: TB

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter 13 the peoples plague: tuberculosis Consumption characterized in 1853 med text as having nostalgia, depression, and excessive sexual indulgence -latin CON meaning completely and sumere meaning to take up -believed that mental activity and artistic talent were stimulated by positions of wasting disease -TODAY commonly known as TB or TUBERCULOSIS or the white plague -thought to produce euphoria, increased appetite, exacerbated sexual desire -Imagined to be an aphrodisiac seduction -1800 reached its peak in Western Europe -ppl with TB considered beautiful and erotic: extreme thinness, long neck and hands, shining eyes, pale skin and red cheeks -painful death by downing in its own blood -neither recognized nor understood that TB was chronic infectious disease was romanticized -other symptoms: incessant coughing, which made talking and eating almost impossible and breathing painful; weight loss that prevented walking; and pain that required opium and whisky to ameliorate -by death, emaciation was so complete that person resembled a cadaver A LOOK BACK -TB is an ancient disease plagued humans throughout history and even before -TB of the lungs PULMONARY TB form of the disease we are most familiar with slang lunger -can be mistaken for chronic bronchitis with spitting up blood -TB can affect organs other than the lungs , including the intestine and larynx; sometimes the lymp nodes in the neck producing a swelling called scrofula -can also produce fusion of the vertebrae and deformation of the spine lupus vulgaris and the kidneys -microbes that cause TB are called mcobacteria - -three myo
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