Smallpox (Chart-form with labels as indicated in the review)

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Caroline Barakat

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SMALLPOX: Historical context, science contributions, impact on populations, related etiology, epidemiology, transmission, contributors of knowledge (2), vaccination-related Historical Context Related etiology & epidemiology Impact on populations Contributors of knowledge - the disease preceded Cortes - smallpox is a virus - Smallpox was a selective - Ahrun (a Christian arrival in Mexico (1520) - has about 200 genes, 35 of which are believed diseaseonly the Aztecs died. priest) and Al-Razi - among the crew was a smallpox to be involved in virulence. - 3 million Amerindians were (a Persian infected individual - there are two pathologic varieties of the killed physician) - smallpox was the reason that smallpox virus: - over the centuries, it killed 300differentiated the Aztecs did not pursue the 1) Variola Major the deadlier form, million people smallpox from demoralized Spaniards frequently killed up to 25% of its victims - spread from West to China measles. - Smallpox made Pizarros 2) Variola Minor milder pathogen, - smallpox was probably - Mary Pierpont success in South America fatality rate of ~2% endemic in the more densely tested inoculation possible. - no animal reserves (no a zoonotic disease) populated parts of Eurasia, from on her son, -arrived in Peru by land in 1526, - Can exist in a population as long as there are Spain to Japan, as well as in the daughter, and killing much of the Inca susceptible humans minimum 100,000 people. Afric
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